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  • Posted on May 01, 2012
  • For offices to let Manchester, fresh start business is offering competitive prices at a new business park in Manchester. Offices in Manchester business centre start from £6 a square foot and are available across a selection of modern buildings in the new centre. Visit freshstartbusiness.co.uk to find the perfect offices to rent for your business.

    The North Manchester Business Centre is the first development from FreshStart Business, which is home to the head office of both FreshStart Living and FreshStart Business. The offices are located just off the motorway providing easy access to work and home as well as being located in a residential area; providing nearby transport links as well as facilities such as shops, services and supermarkets. City Centre Manchester office space is usually expensive and can result in extra costs for staff. Commuting through busy traffic at rush hour can be expensive on fuel and relying on public transport at peak times can be unreliable and cause disruption to the start of the working day. Parking in city centres is often problematic, let alone pricey. Finding offices in Manchester with private parking can be near impossible, costing a small fortune and being limited in space. The ease of working in a vibrant city centre can have its benefits, predominately on a leisure bases, with office space being close to leisure facilities and plenty of places to socialise, yet this too can prove a costly past time, and takes all the enjoyment from a bustling major city, when the office is so close to social activities.

    The North Manchester business centre is conveniently located in Salford, just past Manchester City Centre, so office space here helps to keep costs down across all fronts. Offices to rent here are by far the lowest in the area, and are easily accessible for staff, as well as being within easy reach of social outings for lunch, meetings, Friday drinks or a quick shop break. These offices are provided with ample parking, so no fretting over meters, or circling to find a suitable space. A Train station and a major bus route make getting to and from the office a breeze and the location minimises rush hour delays or congested routes.

    Offices to let Manchester neednâ??t be as costly as you first thought. The fresh start business development includes eight buildings, so there is office space to suit every size and type of company. A convenient and affordable work location allows you to focus on expanding and developing as a business. FreshStart Business intend to provide Manchesterâ??s small companies and entrepreneurs with incubator style offices to rent which are perfect for initial businesses to take off in affordable Manchester office space â?? benefitting from the best the city has to offer, but allowing your finances  to breathe and grow with the company. 






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